Bell has “See Green Day in Paris” Contest


If you’re a fan of Green Day then you’ll want to check out bell.ca/greenday. They will be launching a contest starting July 1st and will go until August 14th. This mainly open to Bell customers (those who are not can mail only mail their entry in) and if you are the chosen one you’ll get to see Green Day live in Paris.

If you win you’ll get a trip for 2 to Paris, including flight and hotel. 2 tickets to the Green Day concert on October 4th and $500 (Canadian).

To get in on the contest you have several ways to qualify (according to the rules and regulations you can enter up to 10 times):

– download a Green Day ringtone for a whopping $3.50, or a full track for $3.00
– subscribe to the Unlimited Full Track Music feature ($15 per month)
– test GDAY to 5500 (promo through MuchMusic and cost $1.00)
– text GD to 5500 (cost $1.00)

Good luck!
Here is their latest song “21 Guns”: