iPhone 3GS still works after a dip in the pool

We’ve all heard the new features of the iPhone 3GS such as Cut, Copy & Paste, Voice Memo, auto-focus on the camer, Video features like editing, compass, Search… and waterproof??

Seems like the person shooting the vid was having a nice relaxing time on vacation as some resort and decided to use the video camera option on his new iPhone 3GS and all of a sudden it took a dip in the pool. Everything in the looks legit, and he states in the description of the video “Don’t know if it’s waterproof, but it still works fine. I had a few people comment on seeing a strap in the video. I have a rubber cover and had put a strap through the earpiece hole to avoid just this type of thing. I didn’t have it on my wrist at the time, but believe me, I will from now on!!!! Maybe the rubber cover helped with it not getting damaged… phone still works fine.”

Check it out here: