Bell offically takes over Virgin, goodnight Solo Mobile

bellimagenewlogoVirgin Mobile is now officially part of Bell as they’ve completed the $142-million acquisition. Bell already had a 50% stake in their business but wanted the other 50% and now retains all long-term rights and benefits of the Virgin Mobile… such as the very popular Virgin Festival.

This is also good news as Virgin will continue to get better devices at a faster time period. Over the past couple months we’ve seen them launch the BlackBerry Pearl Flip, LG Rumour2 and Samsung Vice. In addition, apart from the Virgin kiosks and online, you’ll be able to get the devices from the recent Bell acquisition of The Source starting January 2010.

George Cope, President and CEO of Bell and BCE also announced a new President of Virgin Mobile has been named, Robert Blumenthal replaces Andrew Black. Blumenthal stated “I’m thrilled to be joining the Virgin Mobile Canada team as we build on our rewarding relationship with Bell Mobility and begin a new one with The Source. We think Virgin Mobile’s youth-oriented brand fits very well with The Source’s focus on young and tech-savvy consumers. On behalf of the entire Virgin Mobile Canada team, I would also like to thank Andrew Black for leading our organization to its position as the wireless brand of choice for youth in Canada. We look forward to building on that success as we enter a new era of wireless competition and opportunity.”

We’ve said this before… but with this now final you can start counting down the days that Solo Mobile is put to bed. No need for 3 wireless brands under one carriers name and also no mention of Solo being sold at The Source locations. Thanks for the time Solo.