Nokia to implement “expedited repair service”?


If you’ve had any issues or repairs done on your Nokia device you could possibly win a 5800 XpressMusic. Granted if the repairs are completed everything should be working just fine… but it’s always great to win something, especially if it’s their latest touchscreen device. Head on over to Nokia Canada and complete the 12 question survey and you’ll be entered into the draw to win the 5800 XpressMusic.

I checked out the survey and the questions range from if you were “satisfied were you with your Service experience?”, “How long did the repair take?”, “Has the problem with your phone been fully repaired?” and question that’s based around a new service they’re looking to introduce is a “expedited repair service.”

Question #5 asks “Would you be willing to pay for expedited repair service if available? This service would allow you to ship your Nokia device to Nokia’s authorized service centre directly and receive one-day repair”. This was followed by an estimated price point that you might be willing to pay: $35 or less, $45 or less and $55 or less.

Is this something you would pay for? More here at the survey