Globalive chooses DragonWave to build 3G network

globalivelogoGlobalive Wireless has selected Ottawa-based DragonWave to help them build out their multimillion dollar 3G network.

Ken Campbell, CEO of Globalive Wireless said “As we build Canada’s newest wireless network, our commitment is to provide Canadian consumers with unmatched value. For that, we need future-ready technology that enables the delivery of high-capacity, cost-effective IP-based services. After a rigorous search of global suppliers, we selected Canadian network solutions leader DragonWave for its innovative, Ethernet-based alternative to the more expensive leased-line and fibre optic infrastructure favored by legacy carriers. Globalive Wireless is always looking for opportunities to engage Canadian suppliers.”

Campbell also added “We are not only pleased to be making a significant investment in Canadian technology, but also to be creating Canadian jobs in an innovative sector at a time when our country needs them the most. This is exactly in line with Canada’s need to transform itself into a more competitive, knowledge-based economy”.

What I particularly like is how Globalive has changed their corporate description. It now reads “Globalive Wireless is Canada’s newest provider of wireless communications services. The Company will provide voice, text and data services to Canadians on a next-generation all IP wireless network and is committed to offering a level of service presently not available in Canada.

What are your thoughts… will Globalive be the saviour of Canadian wireless?

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