Unreleased TELUS HTC Touch Pro2 Video Review (Part 2)


Ever since I got hold of the upcoming TELUS Touch Pro2 I have not been able to put it down. Sure the device is not the lightest out there but it can do majority of everything I truly need, such as my e-mail, contacts, calendar, music, pictures and web.

If you want to skip the written review then scroll all the way down and see the video below. The TELUS Touch Pro2 has a 3.6 inch touchscreen with a slide-out 5 row QWERTY keyboard. The are a few main features that make this one to consider.

First up is the screen, this thing tilts which makes it incredibly easier to use and makes watching your videos or playing games that much more fun. Plus this has HTC’s TouchFLO 3D which has some nice improvement, one being how incredibly responsive it is… and the other is you can now view all your programs and application in landscape mode, not just in portrait. Second is the keyboard. The actual keys are much bigger than we’ve seen in the past and tying e-mail or text messages are really a joke. There will be no more frustration with incorrectly typing the wrong letter. In addition, they have included dedicated keys for your e-mail, text message, web, directional keys to make you get to the places you want faster.

This comes loaded with Windows Mobile 6.1 so you can get all your e-mails directly sent to your device. You can easily find an e-mail or and e-mail from a contact by typing out the first few letters which again makes things quicker to accomplish. Hopefully there will be future updates to the Windows Mobile 6.5 or even the upcoming Windows Mobile 7. For your text messaging the maximum number of characters is 130 and the all your texts show up in a threaded manner so you can always know follow what your conversation was.

The speakers are decent. Located at the back of the Touch Pro2 and the sound can be adjusted by the volume rocker on the left hand side. A big plus about this device is that it comes with a 3.5mm headset jack, gone are the days of a USB jack. This can play all your music as it can hold up to 16GB with a microSD card (located under the back cover on the right hand side). The Touch Pro2 also has a 3.2 megapixel camera (no flash) and has video capabilities.

One point to mention is that is a World Edition and comes with a SIM card slot, so you’ll be able to travel the world and still be connected. I believe we’ll see more devices from TELUS over the next few months with this feature as they make the switch to their new network. The Touch Pro2 also is Wi-Fi capable and we found the speeds fast and makes surfing the web a lot of fun. Opera Mobile is loaded in and you can zoom in to a web page with the zoom feature above the hard keys on the front of the device. Everything loaded fast and there were no problems with the quality. Even YouTube streamed incredibly fast.

The call quality was good, people could hear us clearly and had no problems hearing others. No dropped calls to report to-date. Check out the full video review here: