Bell employees start Palm Pre training

bell-training-palm-preThe long winding road seems to coming to a near end for the anticipated Bell Palm Pre launch.

From the internal document we’ve received it shows Bell employees across our great land have started training and also being updated on new devices and plans that will be released this quarter, plus info on the HSPA network. We’ve blocked out the locations so there will be no Palm Pre crash parties. We just want this released as soon as possible.

The training, aptly called “What is Pre”, has started today in Calgary and then moves to Vancouver (July 21st), Toronto (July 23rd), Montreal (July 27th) and finally the last day of training on Monday July 29th in Moncton. With all this it looks like we’ll finally see the new Palm device definitely by months end. No word yet on pricing but it is expected that the outright price is around $650. More soon!