Rogers helps by “minimizing the waste” and creates SmartTeam plan

ShareTeamRogers has released a new plan (about a month ago now) but are now just speaking out about it and promoting it hard. It’s called the SmartTeam and it’s targeted to small business sector. The plans consists of this: 4 team members pay $50 per person per month ($200) and together you share 2 GB email and Internet browsing and 1,400 voice minutes, plus you get Unlimited team calling & Unlimited evening and weekend calling.

Just so you know of potentially all the costs… the fine print says that it’s only available for activations on a 3-year plan, evening and weekends start at 9:00pm until 7:00am and that a “$6.95 monthly System Access Fee (non-government fee), a monthly 50¢ 9-1-1 Emergency Access Fee (non-government fee) and a one-time $35 Activation”.

John Boynton, SVP & CMO of Rogers Wireless said “Rogers is committed to delivering unique tools designed specifically for Small Business teams. Small business owners tell us that keeping their team connected to each other is critical and need a cost-efficient way to help manage their team’s wireless usage. So we created the SmartTeam voice and data sharing plan. This new plan helps small businesses get the most out of their mobile investment by minimizing the waste that can happen with individual plans, plus, it comes with unlimited nationwide calling between team members so the communications that happen within the team are free.”

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