Koodo Mobile shows SIM card on Activation page… HSPA inevitable

koodo-mobile-sim-cardWe all know that TELUS has been making moves to switch over to the new GSM/HSPA network shortly. We’ve even seen the possibility of the LG BL40 being of their first devices. However, if we gander to the other side of the tracks to their sub-brand Koodo Mobile you’ll notice a nice addition has been made to their website.

On Koodo’s online activation page it asks you in Step 1 for your name and Serial Number and says “Your number can be found on your mobile phone box, on the back of the phone under the battery or on your SIM Card”. Currently there are no devices that accept SIM cards in their line-up… so this is a glimpse that they are taking steps forward. Curious what their first devices will be? Hopefully a BlackBerry of sorts!

More soon!