Proof: Pre-order receipt of Bell Palm Pre

bell-palm-pre-order-image-receiptA few days ago we let you know that Bell has started to take pre-orders for the Palm Pre, or what they say is “the most important launch in Bell’s history”. More Pre ads came when Future Shop and Best Buy showed them as “coming soon” in their magazines and also started to take pre-orders for the Pre.

Special thanks to MikeyB, one of our readers in Ottawa, who had to go to a couple Best Best locations to put his money down and finally make a deposit to pre-order his Pre. You can see on the sales receipt that it’s for $50.00 and he also said in his e-mail that he went to a Bell store and the “rep that I spoke to said the launch was supposed to take place on Aug. 1st initially but was delayed to Sept. 1st.”

So the Palm Pre pre-order does exist. We are also hearing from others that when they go to a Bell location their names are only put on a list, but no deposit money is given. Still no official word from Bell on the launch date, but everyday gets closer!