Pimp out your BlackBerry Tour 9630 with ColorWare

bb-tour-9630-colorwareThe BlackBerry Tour is a sexy device all by itself decked out in black… but if you want to be a bit different than the millions sold around the world you might want to get yourself a re-design from ColorWare.

ColorWare has just introduced it latest customizable case for the BlackBerry Tour. You have many styles and colours to choose from, but the bad news is that this is only currently available in the US and has a basic cost of $129 (USD) and depending on what other changes you make, such as the backing, sides, top etc it can add $15 per change.

Also, shipping takes between 2 weeks, so if you can be without your Tour for a bit and know of somebody in the States with a U.S. address… change is always good! More here at ColorWare