TELUS LG Keybo2 Unboxed

We finally got our hands on the recently launched TELUS LG Keybo2 and unboxed this baby. The Keybo2 has great improvements from the original – in style and in features.

Some improvements are the curved design, the 3 megapixel camera (original had 2 megapixels) and the internal display – now is 2.6 inches (originally 2.4 inches). Overall with our first glance at the full QWERTY device it looks good and feels solid on the hand. We will follow up with a full review over the next few days. Check out the unboxing here:

The LG Keybo2 is available at TELUS on the following plans:
3-year contract: $99.99
2-year contract: $199.99
1-year contract: $249.99
No contract: $299.99