Smartphones adding 15 hours to our work week?

blackberry-stormAn interesting study has popped up from the UK that can most certainly have similar results here in Canada. Employment law firm Peninsula says they surveyed 600 employees and found out that their work week is being extended to 55 hours a week due to the ability to receive and send messages when their not physically at the office.

Managing director Peter Bone said: “It is important for staff to spend quality time away from the office, spending time with the family, or undertaking recreational activities rather than tapping away responding to client emails or deadlines so that they keep a healthy work/life balance. The recession has forced everyone to become more productive and for those with access to work at home, this is an opportunity for them to catch up or get ahead. With email on tap, employees with smartphones are able to respond a lot quicker and also get themselves prepared for the working day ahead by checking their email first thing.

This goes hand-and-hand with our interview last week with Mark Lang of TELUS. He said that there are 3-types of workers these days: Resident Worker, Mobile Worker and the Tele-Worker.

Via: IntoMobile