MTS promotes a whack load of Student offers

mts-studentIf you live in Manitoba and are a student you should consider checking out the new MTS student offers. The best device deal is the BlackBerry Storm for Students Only as they are giving you $100 off a BlackBerry Storm!

They also have the Student Data Deal for $39.99 a month bundled or $44.99 a month unbundled that gives you Unlimited surfing, web browsing, downloading and instant messaging, Unlimited email, Unlimited Text Messaging, Unlimited local calls to and from any 5 people of your choice (plus more).

The Student Text Deal is $14.99 a month bundled or $19.99 a month unbundled. This gives you Unlimited Text Messaging, 200 weekday minutes, Unlimited Mobile Web Service and Unlimited evenings and weekends starting at 5:00 p.m.