Palm Pre Promo Video: “Unlike our neighbours to the South”

In the latest Palm Pre promotional video hired rep Bradley starts off by talking down to our friends below us by saying “Unlike our neighbours to the South, Canada is an active people… and we need a phone that keeps up with us. So let’s go meet some real Canadian athletes”.

If only the opening words were used in proper English and the sentence actually made sense. That statement alone “unlike our neighbours to the south” will start some comments that are not Palm Pre related. Us Canadians are truly passionate and active when it comes our sports but we gotta admit that the United States is incredibly active and very competitive when it comes the their athletic endeavours.

However, we digress as the actual point of the promo video is to promote the Palm Pre and how easy it is to use with searching for info on the web, using Wikipedia, pictures etc. Check out the vid and how our Canadian athletes do a fine job of representing us (it’s kinda funny):