Skyfire releases new features: profile photos, improved status updates and easy feed customization

SkyFire now in CanadaMobile browser Skyfire has released some new features that will make for a better experience. There is no upgrade necessary and all you have to do is simply launch the browser. They have noted on their blog the following enhancements:

  • New profile photos:  Take a look at the Skyfire start page, and if you have Twitter and Facebook integrated, all your friends’ posts and tweets now display their corresponding user profile photo.
  • Improved Facebook & Twitter status updates: Right from the start page, we’ve included a text-entry box for status updates, improving the previous flow and making it easier to instantly tell your friends what you’re up to.  As before, you can broadcast to both of your networks simultaneously, or chose just one.
  • Easier to add RSS feeds: Now you can easily search and add custom feeds from a single page. From the My Feeds in the Customize function, you can search a URL and get the various RSS feeds for that website. In one click, you can add your favorite RSS feeds.

More here at Skyfire