TELUS launching cellphone insurance called “Device Protection Plan” September 10th?

cracked-cellphoneFresh off the CWTA announcing a new “Code of Conduct” for our wireless carriers, news comes today that TELUS will be launching a new service called “Device Protection Plan” on September 10th.

It’s basically cellphone insurance that will cost $7 per month (similar to when Bell announced their Insurance back in October) and from what we hear it’s for new activations only. The manufacturers usually have a 1-year warranty and this new service will cover almost all the scenarios that a manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t, such as: Loss, theft, damage (including water damage) and normal wear and tear and out of warranty repairs.

We’ve been informed that the “goal of Telus’ new Device Protection Plan is to ensure minimal interruption, inconvenience and out-of-pocket costs to our clients when their device is deemed an out of warranty issue or beyond economical repair. A replacement device will be shipped to the client within 2 business days, ready for over-the-air activation.

Replacement Fee: The Replacement Fee is determined by the phone tier of the clients’ device model. The 3 Replacement Fees are: $40, $80, $150 to be paid at claim. Business and Corporate Clients charged Replacement Fee on invoice. Consumer Clients charged Replacement Fee via Credit Card. These clients are not charged $25 for a swap fee.”

We’ll have more info soon… but it looks like the Future is getting a bit more friendly!