WIND Mobile on the new “Code of Conduct”

wind-logoAnthony Lacavera, Chairman of Globalive and new wireless carrier WIND Mobile have always been upfront about wanting to offer Canadians a better choice when it comes to wireless. So when the CWTA announced their new “Code of Conduct for Wireless Service Providers“ yesterday, he embraced it and was one of many to sign up.

Lacavera said “We think it’s a great step to bring some transparency and some clarity to what is really a very confusing product purchasing experience and product experience for consumers”. Even WIND CEO Ken Campbell stated “We know that the purchasing and product experience for Canadians up to this point has been highly confusing and frustrating. WIND Mobile applauds the CWTA’s decision to enact the Code and we hope its members embrace both the letter and the spirit of it. For us at WIND Mobile, our approach will be to exceed these Code requirements by working with our customers to create a superior Canadian wireless customer experience.”

Over the past few months it’s been very interesting to watch Wind Mobile come of age. Although still in its infancy, have zero market share and have yet to officially launch, they know how to publicly make a brand known. When the time comes down to considering a new wireless carrier, whether it’s a current carrier or new one such as Public Mobile or DAVE Wireless, chances are you might first look at WIND Mobile… simply because they are top of mind.

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