“Smart-phone users show slightly obsessive learned behaviour”

9630TourAs our Canadian carriers bring on new technology and the network speeds gets faster we get more familiar with how these mobile devices can actually improve our life, specifically our adoption to Smartphones.

In Canada it’s estimated that 20% of our 22 million mobile phone (4.4 million) have a smartphone. Predictions are that this number will increase by 4. 5 million within a year.

A study by Solutions Research Group Consultants Inc. shows some dramatic number when it comes to Smartphone users. It showed that 82% of smartphone users sent a text message in the past month, compared with 57% of cellphone users. 57% of smartphone users who used the Internet browser in the past month, compared with 24% of cellphone users. And 44% of smart-phone users who downloaded an application, compared with 15% of cellphone users.

Kaan Yigit, president of Solutions Research Group Consultants said “Smart-phone users show slightly obsessive learned behaviour. The more they learn what they can do with the technology, the more they want to do it.”

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