45% of Canadians “can’t leave home without their mobile device”

sympatico-mobileA new survey has cometh, this time by Sympatico.ca and it’s titled the “Mobile Use” survey. The results were gathered between May 13 and May 21, 2009 and are based on 1,062 Canadians aged 18-64 who own an Internet-enabled mobile handheld device.

The study showed that 45% “can’t leave home without their mobile device” and the primary reason for accessing the web from their mobile device is “to pass the time”. 47% of Canadian mobile users access the same sites on their mobile as on their home or office computer. 27% also access the same sites during a commute. 24% of the sites they access via mobile are not visited on their PC.

Other key findings of the survey, included:
– 53% of mobile users can access the Internet on their mobile device (up vs 33% in 2008)
– 52% of Canadians 18-64 have a mobile device (PMB): Cellphone 50%; Smartphone 8%; Both 6%; Any 52%

Mobile Media users tend to be:
– Younger (47% are 18-34 vs. 35% of mobile owners in general)
– Male (54% vs. 48% of mobile owners in general)
– Have kids in house (47% vs. 41%)
– Early adopters (24% vs. 15%)
– 39% of users use a search engine to access mobile media
– 31% of users type a website name directly into a browser
– 24% of website access on mobile devices is unduplicated reach
– 51% of mobile media users have at least one site that they visit exclusively over mobile

The 3 most prevalent attitudes regarding mobile media use were:
– Makes life easier (getting store information, location, product availability)
– Saves money (downloading coupons, price comparison, sale/promo notice)
– Brand information (product information/reviews, notice of new product, viewing ads)

Brad Cressman, Director of Sales and Marketing Sympatico.ca MOBILE “With smart phones and mobile devices becoming an indispensable part of Canadians’ lives, and content becoming more relevant, useful, affordable and easier to access, the mobile Internet is ready to take off in Canada”.