LG Canada launches new website… where’s the love for Fido and Koodo Mobile?

lg-canada-new-websiteWe heard that LG Canada was set to re-launch their corporate website in September… by the looks of it today is the lucky day. Overall it’s a job well done, very clean and inviting and most importantly incredibly organized.

Specifically when it comes to mobile phones, the site gives you options to sort by newest device, by form factor (Flip, Slide or Touch), by network such as CDMA or GSM. In addition, one of the key function is to search by carrier. They have listed in order Rogers Wireless, Aliant, Bell Mobility, Sasktel Mobility, Telus Mobility, Solo Mobile, MTS Mobility, Virgin Mobile. See a couple missing? Yup, no love for Fido who carries the LG Neon, or no love for Koodo Mobile which carries the LG Keybo, 5500 and Shine.

Actually, from what I can tell it seems to be still under construction. The LG Keybo is also being sold through TELUS but does not show up under their list of devices. Also, although their newest device shows up on the homepage and has a dedicated page, the Bell LG Bliss is completely missing from their list of devices. I’m sure this will be all fixed up when it gets officially announced. Once you select a device you want to learn more about it takes you to a nice educational page with pics, specs and features.

Probably the most interesting piece of info on the site is their “LG Design Philosophy for Mobile Phones”. They state that “LG Electronics develops top-quality, core technologies such as CDMA (channel access method of multiple users sending information simultaneously over a single channel), GSM (global system for mobile communications), UMTS (WCDMA, or universal telecommunications systems), and HSDPA (high speed download packet access), and offers services based on the most advanced mobile communication environment.

LG is the frontrunner in the CDMA market thanks to its many years of technological research and product development. We’ve also achieved outstanding success in the GSM category in terms of top-quality, unbeatable product development capabilities. LG will continue its progress toward industry-leading competitiveness with its UMTS (WCDMA) and HSDPA handsets using world-class technologies such as mobile TV and 3G technology.”

Looks like they are priming themselves up to bring us the new LG BL40 Chocolate (slated for a TELUS release). Also, for the mobile TV words above, this reminds me of when Frank Lee was at CES and demonstrated how digital TV will look on mobile devices. Perhaps we’ll see this sooner than we think.

Anyway… I like the design and flow. Check it out here at LG Canada.