90% support Ontario’s ban of cellphone use while driving

Back in April the Ontario government decided to proceed with passing Bill 118, the “Countering Distracted Driving and Promoting Green Transportation Act”, basically banning those in from using a hand-held communication and entertainment devices while driving. This law is going into effect within a few weeks.

A new study has been released by Angus Reid Strategies (on behalf of Sony Ericsson) that took place from August 25th to August 26th, 2009 that shows 82% of Ontarians are aware of the band and 90% support it. Also, more surprising is that 8% plan on simply ignoring the new law. It should also be known that 802 we surveyed.

Other findings from the survey are:
– 85% of men are aware of the ban compared to 79% of women.
– 62% of men strongly agree with the legislation and 25% moderately agree
– 16% of women agree with the legislation
– 14% of those aged 18 to 34 say they’ll continue to use their hand-held device regardless of the law.
– 94% of those aged 55 plus say they’ll comply and 3% planning to ignore the ban.
– Northern Ontario has the highest level of compliance with 98%

When this is officially starts being implemented, Ontario will join Quebec, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador who already have the law in effect. Manitoba, Prince Edward Island and B.C. are considering banning cellphone use while driving also. If you’re caught talking, e-mailing or sending text messages you could be fined up to $500.

Michelle Digulla, General Manager for Sony Ericsson Canada “Our experience shows that legislation of this sort creates a rush on handsfree mobile phone accessories as drivers try to find a solution that fits their needs. We anticipate sales to increase dramatically given our wide range of handsfree options and leadership in Bluetooth technology.”