iTwinge is the “world’s first commercially available iPhone keyboard”

itwingeThis product must have Steve Jobs and every designer who has ever worked on the iPhone really questioning reality. iTwinge is dubbed “The world’s first commercially available iPhone keyboard”. It’s a real product and sells for $29.99 (USD). Shipping starts on November 9th so you have enough time to think about buying it.

From the looks of the iTwinge, it simply slides over the iPhone and the first downfall is that it can only be used in the portrait mode, not landscape. Apart from simply destroying the elegant design, the actual extension of the keyboard adds about a couple inches to your device.

Main benefits according to the manufacturer are “Povides the feel & tactile feedback of a “real” keyboard, Results in faster typing, Imagine an email or SMS with no typos”.

Learn more and buy it here

Via: EngadgetMobile