Lacavera: “price isn’t the only indicator of customer satisfaction”

wind-logoOne of the greatest books I have ever read was called “The experience economy”. It basically gave insight into how to create the best customer experience as possible. With the Canadian wireless market changing daily, and more so in a couple months there has been a report earlier in the week that showed an estimated 8 million customers will be with one of the new wireless carriers (WIND, DAVE Public or Videotron) by 2014.

I had a conversation yesterday with Dave Dobbin, CEO of DAVE Wireless (I’ll be posting later today) and he said it’s not only about price and customers want more flexibility. Chairman of Globalive (parent company for WIND) also stated today that “price isn’t the only indicator of customer satisfaction. Phone choice, customer service, and contract length are all part of the ‘intangible’ aspects of wireless where Canadians are demanding change.”

So what are your thoughts on wireless in Canada? Are you looking for a change in price, contract length or service?