TELUS on Globalive: “I’ve never seen something like this”


It’s only hours away from the anticipated CRTC hearings that are looking into Globalive’s foreign ownership. TELUS, Rogers and Bell will be in attendance in Quebec over the next couple days to fully understand how Globalive/WIND is structured.

Globalive was almost unknown in the wireless space until last year when they invested $442 million during the Wireless Spectrum Auction. We’ve discussed several times that a portion of these funds were made available by Eygptian based wireless giant Orascom. They operate Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA in Italy and Greece and have 17 million mobile subscribers.

There has been words exchanged by all parties involved, not just with Globalive’s foreign ownership issues but with Dave and Public Mobile. Such words exchanged as Game Playing, “This is about fat cats looking to get fatter” and even “extremely distasteful and disappointing”.

We had the opportunity to connect with Ted Woodhead, TELUS VP of Telecom Policy & Regulation today. He gave us a bit more insight and clarity when it comes to understanding TELUS’ point of view. Woodhead stated about how Globalive is set up as “I’ve never seen something like this”.

The hearings start tomorrow at 9:00am and we will keep you posted on all the happenings. Check out the interview here: