Video recording comes to the Pre… kinda

The Palm Pre has many unique features to it such as running multiple applications at the same time and the ability to charge it wireless with the Touchstone. However, there has always been one thing missing that makes it that much better: a video camera.

For some reason this was left out of the design and could be blamed on the software capabilities. No need to fret any longer though.The fine folks over at PreCentral have put up an interesting post. It reads “Over last few weeks there’s been some interesting unofficial developments in this area…A same video from the Pre’s camera from zonyl can be found here and it looks pretty darn good; 30fps at 320x480px with pretty good clarity and color.”

Hopefully with all the “homebrew” apps that have the ability to bring needed features to the Pre will get Palm to speed things up and actually make the video recording possible. Click on the video and watch away…