Skyfire adds new features: Gmail in-line reply and read…

Skyfire CanadaSkyfire has added some new features to their mobile browser that makes it an easier experience. All you have to do is simply launch Skyfire and you’ll get the following updates:

  • In-line Gmail reply/read: If you have your Gmail account set up through Skyfire, the next time you start your browser you will be able to read and reply to your e-mails directly from the start page without having to navigate back and forth to Gmail.
  • Skyfire Marketing Communication: Now you can know exactly what we are up to by just firing up Skyfire and reading our Tweets on your start page. We will use this stream to announce major product updates, fun use cases for Skyfire, and Skyfire sponsored contests.
  • Zeitgeist Searches: When you launch Skyfire, you will notice that you can now not only see your most recent searches but also browse what the world is searching for on Google. This is always a lot of fun!

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