Leaked images of the BlackBerry “Atlas”

atlasSalomondrin loves showing us all the new products that RIM will be releasing. Check out the unreleased BlackBerry “Atlas”.

This looks pretty wicked. He states on his site that “At first when I heard about the new Blackberry Atlas I thought it was going to be a CDMA device, but the surprise is not only the fact that indeed is another GSM device, but that it is “Another Bold“?… This is what I know so far about the Atlas:
1) It says Bold on the back
2) Keyboard of a Javelin
3) Its NOT 3G, its just EDGE
4) Has flash in the camera
5) Has a trackpad

Wonder if and when this comes out, which one of our carriers here will be picking it up.

Via: Salomondrin & CrackBerry