TELUS introduces new $1.45/min flat rate U.S. roaming fee November 5th

telusroamTELUS has sent out an e-mail to their clients about “Important changes to U.S. roaming” fee. Effective November 5th they are introducing a new $1.45 per minute flat rate roaming charge for any calls you make in the U.S.

They say “Through our strategic roaming partnerships, you have access to some of the fastest and most comprehensive coverage whenever you’re in the U.S. And now to make it easier for you to track your roaming charges, we’re introducing a new $1.45/min flat rate to any calls you make in the U.S. This new flat rate will replace the multiple charges that sometimes applied when you previously made calls south of the border and may have later caused you some confusion when your bill arrived… If you are on a Talk North America or Work North America plan, you will not be affected by this change.”