Otter Box releases new iPhone cases: Commuter & Commuter TL

otterboxcaseiphoneThe beloved iPhone (3G or 3GS) just got a couple more cases. Otter Box has announced the availability of the Commuter & Commuter TL series.

We’ve reviewed Otter Box cases in teh past and they are one of the leaders when it comes to protection. Both of these new cases comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth and installation card for easy application of the self-adhering screen.

The Commuter Series for the iPhone only comes in Black but has optional accessories that has 3 interchangeable plastic shells: Pack 1: navy, maroon, grey or Pack 2: white, yellow, green. The case wieghs in at 21.11 grams and has overall dimensions of: Height: 4.71”, Width: 2.61”, Depth: 0.62”.

For the Commuter TL Series this comes in 7 colours: Black/Clear, White/Clear, Green/Clear, Blue/Clear, Red/Clear, Yellow/Clear and Pink/Clear. The overall dimensions are Height: 4.73”, Width: 2.63”, Depth: 0.66” with a weight of 20.87 grams.

Both cases are available for around $35. More here at Otter Box