TELUS HSPA training started… it’s a “whole new world”

telushspa-primerThis is certainly exciting news! With the new HSPA network announced a while ago we’ve heard of several devices that TELUS will be launching… earlier this week we heard that employees started training and a little confirmation is a good thing!

A screenshot of the actual e-training manual has been captured and is conveniently titled “HSPA Primer… Introduction to a whole new world”. It goes on to say that “In October 2008, TELUS announced it would build and launch a new network on HSPA technology… This e-learning course, HSPA Primer, will begin to build your understanding of all things HSPA as we prepare to roll out this exciting new network. By the end of the training you will be able to:

– Define HSPA and CDMA
– Demonstrate the key differences between 3 TELUS networks and apply them to client needs
– Describe SIM cards
– Describe international roaming under HSPA

Still no word on the exact launch date but rumours are flying around to be the end of October, specifically the 28th.

Via: BlackBerryOS
(Thanks Mark!)