Rogers launches BlackBerry Curve 8520 at $99.99


We got word today that Rogers has launched the new BlackBerry Curve 8520 today. Seems like Rogers is still updating their website and a special thanks for the heads up from “Treatz”.

This new Curve can be yours on the following price plans:

3-year contract promo: $99.99
3-year Voice only: $349.99
2-year contract: $399.99
1-year contract: $399.99
No Contract: $449.99

We saw this pricing last week when Best Buy put it online as available. Although this launched today, it might actually be available in store on October 9th. Here are some features of the Rogers BlackBerry Curve 8520:

•Trackpad–The first Blackberry with an optical trackpad, the Curve 8520 makes navigation easy
•Dedicated external media keys -access your multimedia easily and instantly
•Social Networking –If you prefer Facebook, Flickr, Twitter or love them all, the Curve 8520 will keep you connected to all your social networks
•2.0 MP camera with video capture
•Large, Colorful Screen –Your life on-the-go –the way it was meant to be seen
•Out of the Box Mac Computer Support –Make the Mac connection
•Built-in Wi-Fi(Supports TalkSpot)
•World Phone –Quad Band EDGE with Stereo Bluetooth

Thanks Treatz!