U2 Mobile Album is not just about music but “creating real relationships”

alan-brenner-antony-sRIM and megaband U2 went into business together not just to make music their more available, but to build better relationships.

U2 changed gears went they split from Apple to RIM (Bono also invests in Palm) and with the release of their anticipated U2 BlackBerry Mobile Album, Alan Brenner, RIM’s SVP of BlackBerry platforms, was speaking in San Diego this morning at the “Billboard Mobile Entertainment Live!” this morning and said “The most salient feature of that app is that it’s based on creating real relationships between the users and the band. It wasn’t just the music, or the access to the photos and lyrics; the app actually connected U2 fans to each other. And I think that’s the trend we’re going to continue to see with music apps – a push toward using them to connect people in real-time to their friends, not just the content.”

I can see this working… but somehow if this is going to be the future of mobile music apps then those relationships or sponsorships from companies like RIM will have pay big bands big bucks if it’s not “just the music” they are getting.

Via: MocoNews