IBC releases “Tips for Avoiding Distractions While Driving”

driving-on-cell-phone-and-eatingMonday, October 26th is an important day in Ontario, this is when the law of banning the use of hand-held devices while driving The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) has taken the time to and created at tip sheet called “Tips for Avoiding Distractions While Driving”

Robert Tremblay, Director of Research, IBC, said “Today, driving while talking on a cellphone or being otherwise distracted is recognized as one of the most serious road safety issues in the country. Using hands-free devices while driving is certainly better than using hand-held devices, but not using any distracting devices, or participating in any distracting behaviour at all, is the best policy.”

In addition, the Toronto Police will also be conducting an “enforcement blitz” on Monday to see if drivers will be taking the new law seriously or not.

1. Eat before driving so you won’t be tempted to juggle distracting snacks behind the wheel.

2. Pull over and park before using a cellphone or other hand-held electronic device.

3. Have a “driving” playlist on your MP3 player and start it playing before you set the car in motion. That way, you won’t be fumbling to find a good song while driving.

4. If something falls, leave it. Never reach for an object while driving, unless it is impeding with your ability to control the car; in which case, pull over and deal with it.

5. Deal with predictable distractions before hitting the road. Check the map, adjust the seat, the climate control and the radio, and familiarize yourself with the dashboard controls, before taking the car out of park.

6. If you are driving with pets, make sure they are safely secured and in the back seat.

7. Put aside enough time to complete your grooming before you set out, so you won’t have to apply make-up, comb your hair or shave while driving.

8. Listen to your GPS device; don’t look at it.

9. Make all necessary wardrobe changes before you enter the car.

10. If a situation can’t wait – the kids are acting up in the back seat, or you need to refer to a map or take an emergency call – pull over somewhere safe to deal with it.


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