App Store reaches over 100,000 approved apps


With all the manufacturers having their own application store, none is more powerful than Apple’s App Store. There has been several occasions where RIM’s BlackBerry AppWorld might have taken the spotlight away from them for a day or so… but the App Store’s dominance has paid huge dividends for Apple and the iPhone app developers.

Another milestone has been reached (unofficially from Apple) as the App Store has crossed the 100,000 approved application mark. According to AppShopper, they are reporting that Apple has approved a total of 101,754 apps with only 93,033 of them currently available. Another site that we’ve referenced in the past called shows 101,446 apps are available.

I was back on November 30th when Apple crossed the 10,000 apps mark… less than a year later they surpassed the 100,000. The most popular category is games, followed by entertainment and books.

Wonder when the Million app mark will be celebrated? Possibly this time next year…

Via: Unwired View