“Totally unacceptable.” Lacavera on the CRTC

It’s been a few days now since Globalive was stunned by the CRTC’s decision that could possibly delay their wireless launch. Today I sat down with Tony Lacavera, Chairman of Globalive, to understand his next moves and what he has planned for those Canadians who were/are looking forward to WIND Mobile launching.

In the interview, Tony states “The CRTC has put competition at risk, we represent the only new national choice for Canadians in wireless. We’ve been working hard to get the business out of the gate and we’ve got 800 people under the CEO Ken Campbell. We’re ready to launch… and now the CRTC, right as we are within weeks of launch, comes out with a decision stopping up in our tracks, stopping Canadians from getting a new choice in wireless… the CRTC must let us go forward!”.

Have a listen and give your comments below!