Virgin’s “30-day You’ll Love Us Guarantee” goes live!

virgin-30dayRight on schedule from what we informed you a couple days ago… Virgin has gone live with their “30-day You’ll Love Us Guarantee”. You can check it out here at Virgin and learn all about the new perk. They have also changed their plans (see here) and see below the the updated plans.

Virgin says “We know you’ll love being with Virgin Mobile. We back it up with our 30-Day You’ll Love Us Guarantee. Take myPlan for a spin, and if you’re not hooked within 30 days you can return your phone hassle-free with no early cancellation charge.You get a full refund for your phone and all you pay is for your usage while you had the phone. Easy as that”. As we stated before there are some stipulations to the guarantee:

– You have 30- days to return your postpaid phone if you don’t love us!
– Return the phone for refund where it was purchased
– Only pay for the monthly plan charge, overages + activation fees
– No Cancellation fees within 30-days (& no minute counting)


virgin-coverageIn addition, on the same page, Virgin is also boasting about their network coverage. Now owned fully by Bell and recently swept the JD Power awards, Virgin states “With Virgin Mobile, you’re on Canada’s largest 3G network. That means coverage from coast to coast. You have the freedom to use your phone when and where you want to without the fear of dropping calls.”