Koodo Mobile Motorola VE440 Review

koodo-moto-ve44The Motorola VE440 is a tight device that has a decent MP3 player and a stylish design.

When looking at the VE440 you would think it’s a cheap phone, granted it’s available at Koodo for $125 or $0.00 on the Tab, but it does come with some great features. More importantly the device is incredibly light at 95 grams and really thin, the overall dimensions are 49.4mm x 113mm x 14.4mm. You’ll see in the video that Motorola has occupied the device with quick access with dedicated buttons to the most important features such as the music, camera, speakerphone and voice commands.

It sound like it has it all, however using the phone with the small, non-QWERTY keypad might be frustrating as we’re all getting used to having these kinds of devices around. But if you’re looking for an entry-level phone that can do a little bit more then this is a good choice. The screen size fits the design of the phone well, comes in at 1.9 inch screen (resolution of 176 x 220). This does have a downside though… specifically viewing pictures & surfing the web.

The 1.3 megapixel camera gives the quality you would expect and has some great customizations available such as the slideshow options, editing and sending via your Text & Picture Messaging. The call quality was great – no dropped calls and we were heard loud and clear, but the batter life will only last you about 3 hours (talk time).

If you’re into music, this can hold up to 8GB with a microSD card so you can load up all your favourite songs. Overall the VE440 is a great entry phone, perfect for the Koodo Mobile lineup.