iPhone App business for sale on eBay… starting bid is $100,000

fnleBay has had some strange items in the past but now a full blown business has made it’s way to the online auctioneer.

If you’ve ever wanted to get a head start in the App business, the starting bid for JBMJBM is $100,000. This is Texas-based developer Brice Milliorn baby and a few stats about the company: 87 apps are included (Friday Night Lights, iSpy Game, iReferee, iSexyRef, iSexyRef2, Pro Rodeo Fan, Sit Up Counter), sold over 30,000 applications to-date and has revenues of over $10,000.

His reasons for selling are to “Spend More Time with Family”. Think you want to get in on the action? Bidding goes until Nov 14, 200908:17:57 PST.

Check it out here at eBay
Via: IntoMobile