AdMob October 2009 stats: Canada rockets to 5th spot!

Octover-admob2009Finally after about a year of standing still Canada is stepping up in the ranks when it comes to web surging, specifically the number of ads being served when visiting a website. AdMob, who was recently purchased by Google for $750 million, tracks their 15,000 plus publishers and compiles a report based on web traffic.

In September Canada held 7th spot mark and the number of ad requests went up by 2.2% for a total of 224,065,226, this represents an increase of 0.3%. In October we bolstered up to 5th spot with a 245,680,222 for a representation of 2.4% market share – or an increase of 0.2%. This is a good sign as we are in the top 5 now!

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