OtterBox Storm2 9550 Impact Series Case Review

OtterBox released a few new cases last week for the new BlackBerry Storm2 9550. I have already dropped mine a couple times and it’s a bit banged up. I got my hands on the Impact Series Case and did a quick review of it.

If you want to protect your device from the day to day slips, falls, drops, dust than the Impact Series is easy to use and install. Plus it only cost about 20 bucks so it’s not going to set you back a months mortgage/rent like the actual device will. Depending on what your needs are there are a couple other levels of protection you can get… OtterBox has the Commuter and Defender Series of cases with a harder shell (These also cost a bit more).

Check out the review here:

BlackBerry Storm2 Impact Case is available for $19.95:
BlackBerry Storm2 Commuter Case is available for $34.95:
BlackBerry Storm2 Defender Case is available for $49.95: