Opera Mobile says using their browser saves $9.4 billion worth of data charges a year

operalogoOpera Mobile has released their monthly “State of the Web” and it shows some dramatic statistics and results.

According to CEO Jon S. von Tetzchner he says that using their mobile browser “the amount of data we send to phones increased; this means the total cost savings also jumped – over a billion dollars to 9.4 billion USD saved by our users each year… Because Opera Mini compresses data by up to 90%, people can reduce the amount they pay per month for mobile browsing. At the same time, Opera Mini helps network operators better control the cost of serving data.”

Here are some statistics, nothing solely on Canada as we didn’t make it in the Top 10, but globally they are truly impressive:


– In October 2009, Opera Mini had over 39.6 million users, an 11.3% increase from September 2009 and more than 155% compared to October 2008.

– Opera Mini users viewed nearly 17.2 billion pages in October 2009. Since September, page views have gone up 14.8%. Since October 2008, page views have increased 238%.

– In October 2009, Opera Mini users generated over 263 million MB of data for operators worldwide. Since September, the data consumed went up 16.0%.

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Via: IntoMobile