Rogers “BFF Ultimate Webphone” Contest

rogersbffcontestHere’s an interesting contest that Rogers has put together on Facebook… it’s called the “”Rogers “BFF Ultimate Webphone Nomination” Contest” and it gives you a chance to win a “Webphone”. I actually think Vortex Mobile who created the previous Rogers Best App Ever Contest put this one together as well.

The basis behind the “Rogers “BFF Ultimate Webphone Nomination” Contest is for you to record a 30 second or less audio clip telling Rogers why your friend deserves a new ultimate Webphone. The recording is based upon a weekly theme… for example this week’s theme is “Who of your friends is the biggest shopoholic you know?”

Once it’s uploaded onto Facebook people can vote for your clip and then your friend will have a chance of winning a Webphone (LG EVE, White BlackBerry Bold, HTC Magic, Sony Ericsson X1 or the Nokia N86). Whoever gets the most votes that week wins a device.

The contest goes until 11:59:59 AM on December 23, 2009 and there are 5 weekly giveaways.
More here at Facebook

(If you don’t feel like entering their contest… you can always enter our BlackBerry Bold 9700 giveaway here)

(Thanks Mike for the Tip!)