Dave Wireless says don’t sign this season… January launch?

daveadA couple weeks ago new wireless entrant Dave Wireless changed up their website and stated “Competition is Coming”. This is a familiar statement as the other new entrants (Wind and Public Mobile)are saying the same line, however what is new for Dave is the request not no sign a contract this season.

A release titled “Tis the season NOT to lock into a wireless contract”. Direct line that continues to lead us to believe Dave will be launching their network in January 2010… plus at the same time an announcement of their new brand name and direction.

Sara Moore,VP of Marketing for Dave said “Don’t lock into a wireless contract you’ll regret. At DAVE Wireless, we’re gearing up to launch our state-of-the-art 3G network and bring Canadians the wireless service and value they deserve.”

So… this convincing you to stay with your current carrier for a few more weeks? Tempted to go with “Dave Wireless”