(VIDEO) WIND Mobile: “Now we’re ready for action!”

We’ve got the entire WIND Mobile official announcement from this morning on video – it’s just over 21 minutes in length. Chairman Tony Lacavera, CEO Ken Campbell and Chief Customer Officer Chris Robbins and some of the WIND Mobile team were on hand and the enthusiasm was incredibly high.

Tony Lacavera thanked the Canadian Government for making the right decision and stated “Now we are ready for action… we are going to make it happen. It’s a great day for Canadians in wireless”. When questioned about launching their services, Lacavera said they “could be launching as early as next week”.

Campbell elaborated and said their initial launch cities will be Toronto and Calgary. When is comes to devices, some of them will be BlackBerry, HTC  and Samsung… plus data sticks (No Android devices). In addition, they will offer no System Access Fees or 911 fees. No details were given about specific price plans but will be available soon on the Wind Mobile site. Check out the video (It’s still processing from YouTube so it might be a bit pixelated for a bit):