BlackBerry is one of “The Worst Ideas of the Decade”

Famed Canadian organization Research In Motion (RIM) has had a stellar ride over the past few years. They really have become a dominant worldwide player in the Smartphone market and recently announced their Q3 record results: earnings of $628 million and 10 million devices sold. However, writer John Freeman of the Washington Post wrote an article titled “The Worst Ideas of the Decade” and the center of it all is the BlackBerry.

Freeman writes “Once upon a time, elevator rides were silent. The bathroom was for, well, using the bathroom. Dinnertime was about sharing a meal with friends or family, and mornings were about waking up. Most radically, home was simply home. Work may have been on our minds, but it wasn’t in our hands (or pockets). But now, thanks to the BlackBerry (and the iPhone, and the Treo, and all the other hand-held e-mail devices), we are always connected.”

I am pretty sure Freeman has a Berry and is glued to it. Freeman continues and states the “BlackBerry starts by infiltrating your morning. Then e-mailing replaces reading on your commute. Next you have it under the table at meetings; surely no one notices your thumbs clicking. Finally, it winds up at your bedside.”

Even though his words are true and we are more connected now than ever… but I would not go as far as calling such an important piece of technology one of the “The Worst Ideas of the Decade”. The garden and lawn gnomes are way ahead of the BlackBerry.

Via: Washington Post
Source: BlackBerry Cool