CityFido defends territory… reduces its price

It could be many things, such as the entrance of WIND Mobile, but it’s very ironic timing that Fido has reduced the monthly cost (again) of their CityFido plan. It’s a $5 drop on their 2,000 unlimited local minute and text plan, but this equates to a 12.5% reduction.

With any of these plans you must read the fine print. The CityFido plans have no Caller ID or Voice Mail and the 2,000 minutes is only applicable in their calling zone (which also increased a bit) and any “airtime used for calls made and received outside the CityFido zone cost 35¢ per minute”. The CityFido plans also have unlimited text messages and no System Access Fees. Plus as a bonus they are offering to waive the “Activation Fee” of $35. Fido is owned by Rogers and will eventually continue to expand their reach with the CityFido offerings as competition heats up.

When slightly compared to new carrier WIND Mobile who offers an unlimited plan for $45 with no contract to sign (first month is also free). In addition, WIND gives free Canada-wide calling and free incoming calls while you’re int he WIND Home Zone area (limited reach now). They also offer free voice mail, caller ID, call waiting, free incoming/outgoing text messages and free WIND to WIND calling across Canada. However, with being a new wireless entrant they are just getting started and building out their reach. In January we will see them launch in Vancouver, Edmonton and Ottawa.

As I said, make sure you do the research on the fine print of any plan you get. Over the next few months we’ll only see the plans drop in price and become more competitive. If you are with a carrier you can always call their “customer retention department” and see if you can get the add-ons included in your monthly cost. All carriers want to keep your business.

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(Thanks Shaun)