What was the best Canadian Wireless story of 2009?

In 2009 the Canadian wireless scene dramatically changed. We had the big 3 (Rogers, Bell and TELUS) bringing on new devices, lowering plans and suing each other. In addition, Canada eventually saw a new national player, WIND Mobile enter the ring. There are so many wireless memories to remember and we thought it would be cool if you gave us a bit of feedback on what the best 2009 headline was. Here are a few worth remembering:

– New carriers Dave Wireless, Public Mobile and WIND Mobile building brand presence
– TELUS suing Rogers for false claims about being the “most” Reliable network in Canada
– Rogers suing Bell for being the “most” reliable network
– Videotron preparing for their new network entrance
– Joshua Jackson leading the Rogers Android “Revolution” and intros the HTC Magic & Dream
– CRTC blocking Globalive from launching WIND… Industry Minister eventually giving the go ahead
– Bell taking over complete control of Virgin Mobile
– Bell buying all The Source locations (January 1st they’ll only have Bell/Virgin phones)
– TELUS & Bell launching their HSPA+ networks
– Nokia finally releases the 5800 XpressMusic
– Koodo Mobile offering “sale” prices almost all year
– Carriers who started to charge for incoming text messages
– Several of the same devices now available via all carriers (Bold 9700, iPhone etc…)
– Virgin Mobile’s “Screw You Recession” initiative
– Solo Mobile almost being non-existent
– The LG Canadian Texting Championships
– Launch of the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1
– RIM’s continuing re-invention with the Storm2, Tour and the introduction of the “trackpad”
– The CRTC apparently selling the “National Do Not Call List”
– Carriers dropping the 911 Fees and System Access Fees
– Bell exclusively launching the Palm Pre

So… what was your the most memorable wireless story of 2009?