WIND now offering SIM cards for free

WIND has answered the call of many people who wanted to give them a go. They’ve started offering SIM cards and a bonus is that they’re free! All you have to do is take your current device to any location (corporate of Blockbuster) and sign up for any WIND plan.

Here’s what their FAQ section on their website states:
Question: Can I buy a SIM card without buying a phone?
Answer: Thank you everyone for your feedback on this topic! You can now get a SIM card and service from WIND without buying a WIND phone. Learn about what kinds of phones are compatible with WIND SIM cards.
Here’s what you need to do:
1. Come in to any WIND store or kiosk
2. Bring the phone or data stick you want to use with a WIND SIM card – we need to check to make sure your phone will work on our service
3. Pick a WIND plan and activate it in the WIND store. There is no charge for the WIND SIM Card, you just need to buy WIND plan – any plan
4. We’ll give you a WIND SIM card, test it on your phone and make sure you leave our store with everything working

(Thanks Haris!)