Best Buy to exclusively release SoundID 400 headset

There has been a surge of Bluetooth headsets and manufacturers are raking in the money. British Columbia and Saskatchewan are the latest provinces to jump on board and banning the use of hand held devices while driving. So no texting, e-mail surfing the web or talking without some sort of Bluetooth assistance.

Best Buy will be exclusively releasing the SoundID 400 (see the ad on the left). This looks almost identical to the Jawbone headsets and has similar qualities such as noise cancellation, comfort and volume control. The SoundID 400 weighs in at 8 grams and in the States it retails for $129, so it might ring in around the $140 mark here.No word on when this will be available but it’ll be before the end of January.

Found this video of the Sound ID 300 and it looks like it can handle just about anything, so just imagine what the 400 will offer. The vid shows a guy enjoying a coffee, suddenly gets a call and uses the headset and strolls outside where all hell is breaking loose around him. Not even remotely phased about what’s happening he continues to enjoy his conversation all because of his SoundID headset.